Tag: Imperial Overstretch

Casting the Beauty Platform for the Afghanistan Quagmire

   No moving lines.

   Retreat. Success.

   In what is small, perseverance furthers.

The Image

   Mountain under heaven: the image of Retreat.

   Thus the superior man keeps the inferior man at a distance,

   Not angrily but with reserve.


No moving lines: this does not contain within it the immediate seeds of its own change – though of course, all things contain within them the ultimate seeds of their own change.

Retreat. The inner trigram is “the sky”, “The Creative”. We have mountains at home if we need them, and Big Sky – there is no need to play the Game of Empire in mountains far abroad.

Retreat. The outer trigram is “the mountain”, “Keeping Still”. In poise, we advance without effort, but the sword that is constantly taken from its scabbard will rust and break.

Retreat. An imposing mountain from without, but within a whole sky to explore. A cabin in the woods, the autumn woods rustling at night, quiet conversation among friends.