Tag: Mad mad world

Covering up the Cover up.

They’re trying to cover up the cover up.

Bury it under many layers of words.  

How absurd.

You’d have to bury a whole world of people too

before you push that bill through.

This thing in Afghanistan

Why are we there again?

To catch Osama bin Laden

But hell he’s all over the globe

(and even sometimes on TV)

But where the hell can he be?

He’s one bad lone motherfucker

against all this sophisticated machinery

one little man can’t be found?

Before he’s found, we’ll burn the whole world down.

Forget climate claims and other strange things.

Speaking of, why are we celebrating that China ‘made’ it snow?

I sure as hell don’t know.

But back to Afghanistan

has become back to Iraq

As well.  Also.  Therefore.

What is it that we’re fighting for?

I’m already leaving this war behind in my mind.

The powers fucked up.

America’s run amuck and

is in a rut,

Trying to remember the 9/11 Alamo

And the status quo

Not wanting to let go

Of yesterday

When it’s already tomorrow.