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Racist “the Atlantic” cover: Sept. 2009

UPDATED. NOW, with new, technicolor FACTS, er, DATA, detailing what in the heck the author is RAVING about.

The sleezeballs at “the Atlantic” magazine have (once again?) printed a cover that’s racist, sexist, and attacks Obama.

Did I miss this? Was there a tempest about this when it came out? I dunno, seemed I was reading more news then, and heard nothing. Maybe it was a day I was busy.

What sells in advertising? Hey, we all know, it’s association. You associate your soft drink with young people partying… and  young people drink it. You associate your beer with guys having fun in their all-boy-fun sports bar… and guys drink it. You associate your car with beautiful hot young women looking at a camera as though they’re pining to have sex… and old men buy it. (Maybe some young ones, but hopefully most of them are actually having sex….)

Remember this one? And how the New Yorker was raked through the coals for days over this?




Check out this despicable thing:


If no one screamed about it at the time, I’m screaming FOUL FOUL FOUL  now.

Worse: if no one screamed about it at the time, they got away with it. The association was made in thousands or 10s of thousands of minds… and no one paid a price.

The slimeballs.