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Organ Donation: Too Important for Opt In 20091219

Organ donation is a topic not thought about very much, but it should be.  Since the first successful kidney transplant in the 1950s, the technology has improved by a huge margin, so now most transplanted organs function within design parameters.  Sounds great, right?

The problem is that there are many fewer organs available than required.  We shall discuss some the the scientific and logistical problems, and then a, in my estimate, viable solution.  Please keep with me here, because it is important.

Pawlenty says Minnesota will Opt Out of Public Option if he has his way

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    Today on ABC’s Top Line, co-host David Chalian asked Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) if he would “opt-out” of the public option for his state if the measure passed. Pawlenty dodged: “Well, I don’t know if we would opt out but I personally would like to opt out because I don’t like government run health care.” But Chalian persisted, and ultimately, Pawlenty said that he would oppose the public option for Minnesota:

CHALIAN: But you would lead a charge in your state to opt out if that was an option available?

PAWLENTY: I think so because I don’t like government run health care.


     Sorry Minnesota. Looks like your Asshat Governor wants you to buy for profit insurance and like it, if you can afford it.

     More, with analysis and my take on the Faux Reform that is the Opt Out Cop Out below the fold.