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New Beginnings

I stepped away from my computer yesterday, and decided instead to enjoy myself. As someone wrote to me yesterday, stop digging. So I did, and I thank you. My celebrating had already started early, and even I knew better than to continue on my present course, especially after a couple of pitchers of sangria. An intoxicated me would not have been excellent in any imaginable way, as my last comment shows all too clearly. loose lips sink ships, so I zipped it, and had some fun.

Since it was my birthday, I turned off my computer for a while, and I spent my time in the company of friends, family and even shared good times online later in the evening with a few new friends that I’ve made here at DD. But more than just a good time, though it definitely was, it was time spent reflecting on what’s really important in my life, focusing on those closest to me, and thinking about how best to move forward … to become better than I was yesterday, and to try and be better tomorrow.

When I woke up early this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful horizon, and I made the decision to simply enjoy it. Instead of my regular morning routine, if I was going to make a change, then I’d best get on with it. I grabbed my camera, decided the animals could wait a bit for just one morning, and I repeated my determinations made yesterday with the new dawn.

Though I’m neither a photographer nor a poet, what follows is just what came out of my decision to make each new day count, starting with today. One year and one day older, and so much left to do.

Many of you here have been on my mind, and I thank you for even the harshest criticisms. And no matter how much I tried to avoid it, you forced me to take a good hard look at myself and make the determination to do better, be a better person. I can’t imagine a better birthday gift. This essay is my thank you.