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Race To the Top Leaves Children Behind

Collaborative Planning

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While many muse as a culture we cannot continue “Waiting for Superman” to transform our schools, others expect our Teachers to be Supermen or Superwomen.  Some say private school Educators are superior.  Only the Instructors employed in public educational institutions are flawed.  There seems to be agreement in our society; these Teachers cannot take the lead.   The system, critics cry, out must change.  Philanthropists proclaim they are here to save the day.  Privatization is the only way to work through what has been a woeful failure.  No, Administrators and the current Administration avow; Teachers are the problem.  We must assess their performance and pay Educators accordingly.

I pledge allegiance to Bill Gates

“I pledge allegiance to Bill Gates and to the corporation for which he stands.  One nation, under Microsoft, with standardized testing and low wages for all.”

Yesterday buhdydharma posted a diary Turns Out It Is Not The Republicans After All that I will reference often as I write about the education coup de tat that is occurring right under our noses.  The very rich, the ruling class, is usurping our public schools. It is a slow and deliberate coup. They are taking us in with their money, promises, and dictates, and if we don’t start paying attention, good public schools will be a thing of the past.

It’s difficult to know where to start with so much happening and so little education news ever being reported in the MSM.  So, I’m going to start in the middle and hope to provide more information in subsequent diaries. There is so much to know.  

First, I want to say that Bill Gates has done much good in the world through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  I thought his “small schools” initiative was a good idea in theory, although the execution has left something to be desired.  That being said, his newest endeavor is wrong is so many ways.  We should pay attention.  The people with the most money want to control ours.