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Breaking: Doolittle Paid Tom Delay’s Legal Fees out of State Acct,Roseville CM Implicated

(Of all the things I never expected to see today, this has me absolutely gobsmacked. If you are an Abramoff Scandal Junkie, Read On ! )

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the ex Rep. John Doolittle (CA-04) and his wife, Julie’s, fallout from his involvement with Jack Abramoff, Kevin RIng, a lobbyist associate at Greenberg Traurig with Jack Abramoff, has finally gone to Federal trial on conspiracy charges to bribe a public official this past September.  Ring was also a lobbyist for the local City of Lincoln in CA-04, in Placer County, Doolittle’s district.  Ring did not testify in his own defense, and several of the witnesses refused to also, pleading the 5th against self incrimination because the Feds wouldn’t grant them immunity.  The trial has gone to jury this week, and the jury has been deliberating for 3 days with no verdict yet.  

This, in local parlance, is waiting for the Other Shoe To Drop for our ex Republican Abramoff Scandal Encrusted Congressman, Doolittle, and his wife, Julie, who had been taking 15% of all of his campaign contributions as a “fundraiser’s fee.”   Julie had a one woman “business” she called “Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions,” which is where that 15% cut went into.

Tonight, while checking the local Sacramento Bee, I noticed this little story:

10/7/09 Roseville city manager placed on paid leave

Roseville City Manager W. Craig Robinson has been placed on paid leave Wednesday.  “We are not discussing any details of it. They met in closed session,” MacPherson said.

Robinson accepted the city manager’s job in February 2003. He’s been with the city since 1989.

Robinson will continue to receive his $273,000 annual salary.  http://www.sacbee.com/topstori…

Oh, local intrigue with another player in the Doolittle saga of shakedowns of local developers. Roseville is just to the south of Lincoln. Must check the donations.  Wait until you see this one.