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Hey ‘butt cyst’

I placed this lead off, just below, in the open thread, over at KOS, along with a few other, related to the Veterans Admin and Congressional Legislation as to in posts as well. As there’s once again an awful lot of talk about privatizing this and that in Government Agencies, worked well with their private merc army and billions lost with their no bid war prifitteering contractors, didn’t it, I figure what the hell let me post up a diary of some recent reports etc. related to just the VA.

And of course our, us Vietnam Veterans, favorite butt cyst chimes in as to Veterans, you know, us folks who’ve Actually served the Country, something these little ‘chickenhawks’ should stay extremely far away from even thinking about mentioning when mouth opens!!!

Rush: “What is wrong with privatizing the VA?”

More Help On The GI Bill Education Funding Problems

This Press Release, from General Shinseki and the VA, is just coming out and hitting subscriber in-boxes as well as being posted on the VA site:

$3,000 Immediate Checks to be Handed (literally)

This is gonna be short but Real Sweet!!

I want you to go over to VetVoice and visit a post Richard Smith just placed with all the good news of How This New Veterans Administration, under the Obama Administration, Really Works!!

Richard starts the long subject title with what I’ve got in mine, then leads into this:

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