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Glenn Beck’s Chicken Soup For The Political Soul: Willard Cleon Skousen Silences “The Demons”

(Cross-posted from the Free Speech Zone)

A while back I gave a breakdown of the “9/12” Project started by Glenn Beck.  I never thought his fucking 3rd Grade-like project on “What I Love About America” would get the attention it did, but I was correct in the “types” that would be drawn to it, as well as the small number of people.  The same way the camera “adds 10 lbs.” it can also “add 10 people” if given the right angle.  Fox News made sure all the right moves were made to make it look like The Teabagging was equal to (quite literally given the “communist” accusations) the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, with Glenn Beck being their own Alexander Dubcek.

Ideologically, me and Glenn Beck differ greatly. However, Beck and I have something in common, ADHD.

While I attribute much of his deranged impulses to the condition, that excuse only gets you so much sympathy from me. I took the steps needed to control it throughout my life, but Beck seems to have taken the more negative aspects of it as some sort of personality trait to be cherished. You’re impulsive, extreme, and when your “put on the spot” Live on-air words and actions are broadcasted to millions of gullible fucking crazies, it becomes a threat to National Sanity.  

Ok, so maybe I held onto a few traits of ADHD for multi-tasking and activist purposes 🙂