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Honduras In State Of Siege While US Blathers That Zelaya’s “Foolish”

Lest anyone think that the US had suddenly reversed centuries of supporting and/or creating rightwing, military coups all across Latin America and was going to stand firm in support of restoring democracy in Honduras, today the US sent unmistakable signs that it wasn’t changing anything.  It was sticking with historical tradition. The US today lashed out at Manual Zelaya for returning to the country of which he is the legitimate president.

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Honduras: The Crisis Continues


Manual Zelaya In The Brazilian Embassy, Tegucigalpa

The two sides aren’t talking to each other in Honduras, even though they are just miles from each other.  The golpistas use the military to repress the people on the streets and to continue the curfews.  The real president of Honduras has asylum in the Brazilian embassy.

Join me in Tegucigalpa.

Honduras: Zelaya Returns, Micheletti Unleashes Repression

Deposed, legitimate president Manual Zelaya of Honduras returned to his country and took shelter in the Brazilian Embassy, where he remains.  Thousands of Hondurans rushed into the streets to support his return.  And now, the golpistas have unleashed the expected repression.

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