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Bonddad versus Bonddad

  Last week Bonddad posted a diatribe against the entire economic blogosphere.

 Reading blogs that in any way write about economics has generally become an exercise in utter futility. According to most good news is either propagated by corporate whores who are blind to the realities around them or presented without considering “all” the facts. All government statistics and all economists are wrong — unless they support or present a bearish viewpoint.

 Normally I wouldn’t notice, but someone pointed it out to me and it got me thinking. How did we arrive at this point, where the bullish and bearish are drawn up against one another in much the same way that Democrats and Republicans in Congress are?

  It occurred to me that perspective has everything to do with it.

Perspectives of the upturn

Perspectives of the upturn

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Written by Leon Trotsky (August 18, 1932)