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“The Demise of America as we Know it”

Got any gold?  It just hit $1016 an ounce.   Sure wish I hadn’t sold mine to pay the rent.  

James Beeland Rogers, Jr. (born October 19, 1942) is an expatriate American investor and financial commentator based in Singapore. He was a co-founder of the Quantum Fund, and is a college professor, author, economic commentator, and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI). He considers himself of the Austrian School of economics.[2]

Funny, the Austrian School is also the world of economics Peter Schiff inhabits.  He’s another guy who speaks a lot of common sense.

Ben Bernacke, YOU LIE!  I mean, can you freaking believe that Ben Bernacke actually came out and said the recession is over?   Man, did he ever go all “Baghdad Bob” on us.  

Here’s a popular Youtube video, “Peter Schiff was Right”

And indeed he was. And so is Jim Rogers.