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Child psychology, Osama bin Laden, and you UPDATED

So let’s see what America’s plans for the future are.

It’s really easy to find out.  How?  Just look at what “Osama bin Laden” tells us to do, and realize that we will do the opposite.

Let’s look at what he’s telling us to do now, shall we?

1.  He’s telling us that we’re never gonna win in Afghanistan.   That means we’re never getting out of Afghanistan, we’re gonna send more troops and more money until we DO “win”.  Why would we do anything this fool tells us to do, right?  We’ll show him!  We’re gonna stay there and we’re gonna win!  We’re gonna win if it destroys our country!

2.  He’s telling us we should question our close political ties with the war-criminal state known as Israel.   That means we’re gonna be even closer to the war criminal state known as Israel!  We’re not gonna do anything Osama bin Laden wants us to do!  No way!  We’re gonna annex Israel as the 51st state, only with “special privileges” and we’re gonna send even more billions and more weapons so they can commit more war crimes!  

Osama bin Laden is not the boss of me!

The irony of this is so iron-meter-shattering that somebody, somewhere, is laughing their ass off.