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St. Petersburg Police cutting up homeless tents

There may be acts that are more indecent than destroying a homeless person’s shelter, but shredding the tents of homeless people living under a fucking freeway and rifling through what pathetically meager belongings and comforts they rely upon is really kicking them when they are down and putting the boot to the neck of an already beleaguered humanity.  Such mindlessly horrific coercion of the weak and dislocated by the powers that be, in this case, local “peace officers,” is really emblematic of what our country has become.  First, alienate people and push them to the fringes of society, take away their jobs and homes, then destroy any remaining belongings and remnants of social support they have at the edge of life itself.  I’m sure many more of us will be enjoying such fruits of economic apartheid in the years to come.

Chris Dodd: The Audacity of Modesty and Decency.

We live in an age of hypertrophic indecency and immodesty.  This is perhaps best symbolized the Presidency of George W. Bush and his aggressive wars, rendition torture, illegal search and seizure, and absolute disregard for human suffering.  A fundamental indecency and immodesty suffuses us.  We have suffered a collapse of the sense of “enoughness.”