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General Strike. There. I said it. It’s on the table.

It been so long since a general strike has happened in the US, I better post some background from the wikipedia entry

A general strike is a strike action by a critical mass of the labour force in a city, region or country. While a general strike can be for political goals, economic goals, or both, it tends to gain its momentum from the ideological or class sympathies of the participants. It is also characterized by participation of workers in a multitude of workplaces, and tends to involve entire communities. The general strike has waxed and waned in popularity since the mid-19th century, and has characterized many historically important strikes.

Direct Nonviolent Action Works. Beck Loses More Advertisers.

Lawyers.com, Procter & Gamble, Progressive, S.C. Johnson, GEICO, Men’s Wearhouse and, just this morning, Sargento have now cancelled their ad buys on the Glenn Beck show due to direct nonviolent economic action. The boycott campaign advanced at ColorofChange.org is working.