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The Wild Wild Left Radio Show # 30 – Animal House Edition

Diane is on a well-deserved break this week, but Ed Encho and Gottlieb (along with the adult supervision of M_A) persevere through a nutjob nation  gone wild. We’ll tackle:

1: Blackwater’s (Now Xe) Erik Prince and the story in the Nation by Jeremy Scahill and accusations of murder against political enemies. Prince, a nutjob extraordinaire, is not a patriot or interested in our security, but a racist hater and disciple of extreme violence. In other words; another in a long line of impotent cowards.

2: The Brown Shirt model for the Republican operatives disrupting health care Town Halls. Holy Nutjob Batman, are these freaks for real? They make Pavlov’s dogs at dinner time look positively somnambulant. But for the Pavlov’s on the right like Beck, Limbaugh et al and assorted Republican kool-aid-crack-heads exhorting and inciting violent behavior by couch-potato losers these dumb-animals would be scratching their balls, waiting for a Milk Bone and wondering whatever happened to Monty Hall..

3: Right wing racist losers exploding like Fourth of July’s from Hell like the guy who murdered innocents in a Pennsylvania fitness center because he couldn’t get laid and the near daily human time-bombs from the right who light up the fear and loathing meters better than al Qaeda ever could.

4: The march toward American Totalitarianism – the threats pile up: domestic terror (not coincidentally incited by right wing media moguls), foreign terror by ex-CIA operatives, disease pandemics and mass vaccination/quarantine programs, social unrest due to Depression Era stress and any excuse which can be brought to bear to limit freedom and the power of the people to mobilize against oppression.

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