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Inciting Assassination

Progressives are very reluctant to talk about the possibility of Obama’s assassination, they don’t even want to think about it.  Well we’d better start thinking about it, we’d better start talking about it, we’d better start doing something about it, because right wing talk radio thugs are inciting assassination, they’re inciting it every day, they are not only inciting violence against the government and the President of the United States, they are glorifying it, they are sanctifying it as a moral obligation, as a patriotic duty.  They are telling the rabid RePug base that violence against the government is justified, that President Obama is the enemy, that he’s a tyrant, that he must be stopped.

These talk radio thugs aren’t directly inciting assassination, but they don’t have to.  When they compare Obama to Hitler, when they condemn him as a fascist, when they denounce him as a tyrant and brand him a traitor, kill him is the message being sent and received, kill him is the message being heard and acted upon.  Assassination threats against President Obama have increased 400 per cent. He is being threatened with assassination 30 times a day, 300 times a month, and the number of threats is increasing as the incitement escalates and the reaction intensifies and the compulsion to kill him spreads like a plague through the batshit insane Republican base.

What else do progressives have to see before they call this what it is?  

I don’t have to see any more of it, I’ve seen more than enough to call this what it is.

The Beginning Of Political Violence Over Reform

The Dog is never one to encourage anger or rage in political discourse. There are a couple reasons for this. First anger while an effective short term movitator is not the kind of argument which wins elections. When you have a candidate who is angry and is not putting forth a positive vision, that candidate loses. It is true as well when we are working on policy. Too much anger in our tone allows those we are trying to influence to discount what we are saying as unserious. Can there be any doubt why the Right in the form of Boss Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are trying to hang the “angry black man” label around the president?