Tag: Daily Kos IS a Progressive Community!

Markos Speaks: Daily Kos IS a Progressive Community!

Just parking this quote here for future reference in flame wars on Dkos with people who say it is not a progressive site.

In a really worthwhile interview re online communities here….

Having learned from the failures of the others, I immediately announced that dKos was a progressive community, and that conservatives would be on a short leash. There was a lot of crying about “free speech” and whatnot, but I made clear that cons had plenty of places to go online – Free Republic, Lucianne, etc – and liberals didn’t, and that Daily Kos would be a safe haven for progressives. I aggressively cleaned out the conservative troublemakers, and what do you know, liberals liked their little safe haven

Of course this will just lead to arguments over what “Progressive” and “Liberal” REALLY mean, but I thought it worth noting, sharing and recording, lol.