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Shares: A No-Hoops Hunger Project

We all know the economic situation sucks. We all know people who have lost their jobs, families – often in our own neighborhoods – who have lost their homes, their means of transportation, their health care, their sense of self-worth and ability to meet basic needs. We all want to help, but if you know anything about “the system,” you also know that politics only decrees focus. It doesn’t exist to actually help people, it exists to see how many hoops they’ll be able to jump in order to get the bare minimum.

And if you’re at all like me and ever dealt with “the system” yourself or for a family member, you also know a good handful of people who will live in a cardboard box before hitting the shelter, will walk double-digit miles to work rather than tell anybody the car’s been repo’d, will go hungry because there’s just no way to get to the county seat on-demand to jump hoops bi-weekly just to get food stamps. Why, you might even know some who have been given help, but are just too embarrassed to use them at the grocery store.

I’ve worked with several hunger projects over the last quarter century, usually grant-supported non-profit based or purely local and supported by area churches, community groups, fraternal organizations and businesses. They all try to reach the people who need help, and the people involved are more than willing to help with paperwork or details in order to make the hoop-jumping easier. But they all know, as I know, that there are many who aren’t reached because they won’t or can’t jump hoops. For any of a number of reasons they don’t want us to know.

Time to Vote! Round 2 (Poll)

Thanks to everyone that participated in Round 1 of naming our project.  The votes are in and the top 2 names are The Progressive Charter  with 9 votes or 27.27% of the total vote
and Progressive Voices Project with 8 votes or 24.24% of the total vote.  These two beat the competition by a margin of 2 to 1. 

In this round we will be voting on these final two plus some late submissions.  This will be the final round of voting.  The names that do not win can and most likely will be used for subsections or related projects so thanks for suggesting them.

Time to vote! (poll)

In Buhdy’s essay The Manifesto Project Sucks…as a name a few new names were mentioned.  I’ve taken those names and included them here in a quick poll.  Please vote on your favorite one and or post an alternative in the comments and I’ll do a follow-up poll with the new suggestions. 

Our current suggestions are below, please take a moment to think about the suggestions before voting or offering your own suggestions.  To get in the mood you may want to open a bottle of purple ink.


The Tomorrow Project

Principles for Tomorrow

Amber Wave Platform

Progressive Voices Project

Project for the True Majority

Progressive Principles

Guide To Sane Politics

Declaration of Responsible Progress

The Bodhisattva Project


Dharma for Progressives: What Paths We Will Follow as if Reality Were Actually Able to Intrude Upon Us!

The Progressive Charter

Pirates, Rum, Ships, and the Dead Body in the Office (NaNoWriMo Adventures)

“A vivid and memorable setting can turn a good novel into a great one” (link).

Okay…so maybe there won’t be a dead body in the office. Hell. I’m not even sure there’s a office at this point. But setting is an important element when it comes to the novel.