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The McCain “Googlebomb” project

This will be a brief essay, to spread the word about how you can help spread the word about John McCain: I’ve had conversations with other Dharmists about how to communicate the truth to uninformed/ underinformed potential voters about McCain’s voting record and support of bush policies.  Chris Bowers describes how we can help:

more below the fold:

Googlebombing Blackwater (part 1)

Much to my surprise Blackwater proudly exhibits itself online, and who can blame them what with the constant need for more itchy trigger fingers.  So, I got to thinking, if we can googlebomb corrupt politicians, we can googlebomb fascist businesses like Blackwater.

I need your help on this.  We need to find the most damning but true articles, blog entries, stories regarding Blackwater.  Everyone should take the time to visit the entries and tell the group which ones are the most effective.  I will then create the coding for the links and post them.  Anytime we mention Blackwater we include one of the coded links.