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Obama’s health care counterrevolution

Original article, by Kate Randall and Barry Grey, via World Socialist Web Site:

The New York Times is spearheading the campaign for President Obama’s health care proposals. His drive for an overhaul of the health care system, far from representing a reform designed to provide universal coverage and increased access to quality care, marks an unprecedented attack on health care for the working population. It is an effort to roll back social gains associated with the enactment of Medicare in 1965.

White House health care forum: Obama’s plan for “evidence-based” medical cuts

Original article, by Kate Randall, via World Socialist Web Site:

A White House forum on health care provided some insight into the Obama administration’s vision for a reform of the system. In the ABC News program “Questions for the President: Prescription for America,” broadcast Wednesday night, Obama outlined proposals for a revamped health care system in which medical services would be subject to “evidence-based” analysis and the profits of the insurance giants would remain intact.