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So, I didn’t get a Netroots Scholarship, but Heather DID!

Today they announced the winners of round two of the Democracy For America Netroots Scholarships. The Dog did not make the cut, but it is kind of hard to be upset as one of our own Heather/Chacounne did!

She is a tireless worker for torture accountability and frankly if the Dog had do pick between the two of us, well, it would have been her. She is going to have a great opportunity to go to Pittsburgh and network with other activists and learn. The Dog is really happy she is going!

As for the old hound, well there is still round three! 10 more scholarships are available and being the optimistic guy the Dog is, he is sure he is going to get one!

In any case lets here if for Chacounne! Congrat Doll, you deserve it!