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An interview with an Iranian socialist: “Electoral Fraud” and the movement in Iran today

Original article, by Ted Sprague and subtitled Millions of Iranians have come out on the streets demanding a change in regime. The movement that was first sparked off by “electoral fraud” has become a movement to demand complete democratic rights and against the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is an interview (conducted on July 2nd 2009) with Arash Azizi, an Iranian socialist, which was originally made to explain the situation in Iran to an Indonesian audience, via In Defence of Marxism:

Ted Sprague: Can you explain to our readers about the electoral fraud in Iran and the movement that has emerged out of it?

Iran: A Socialist view

Original article, by Maziar Razi and titled A few words with the Iranian workers on recent events, via Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency:

Honourable and brave workers of Iran

And I will add, greetings and solidarity from the United States.

Iran: Be Careful What You Ask For….

So, Iran is having a ‘green’ revolution in response to the weekend’s election results.