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There will be no reasonable dialogue.

It should be clear by now that right-wing extremists, including most right-wing media and blog fora, are completely hardened in their shamelessness, unruly, unprincipled, and irreparable.  They cannot be managed by appeals to reason.    

Does anyone seriously think you have a snowball’s hope in Hell of having a coherent conversation with this woman who thinks repealing DADT caused recent mass die-offs?   She is gone, baby.  Bye, bye.  Never to return to the land of enlightenment.  

The only bumble bee left in the United States is the one buzzing inside the jar of her head.

Attempts at dialogue only make them more feverish and free from moral restraint.  They cannot be reformed by reason, nor do they want to be.  The rejection of modern liberalism is just that: the rejection of reason in favor of idiosyncratic, subjective truths, bugged-out bigotry, personal revelation, and headstrong “my-way-or-the-highway” domineering.  There is no independently verifiable touchstone they accept as an assay for the mutually agreeable truths.

Happy New Year, from Townhall:


By Jove, whatever happened to America’s ethic of solidarity?

Germans call a Spade a Spade, So…….

Why can’t we!

Reading this sounds pretty damn familiar, 21st century amerika, but not quite as blatant yet, or is it.

Actually they use two very descriptive leads to the story, and they should know, first:

Right-Wing Extremism

Is the lead then we get to the meat.

Lessons that should be learned from Coakley’s defeat, but probably won’t be.

Jon Walker makes a very effective argument about why learning the wrong lesson from the defeat of Martha Coakley in yesterday’s Massachusetts Senate race will lead to disaster.

Not only will Democrats lose badly if they adopt this strategy, but they will be laughed at. Republicans never had 59 Senate seats, and that did not stop them from passing the legislation they wanted. Trying to explain to the American people how, despite controlling everything, Democrats cannot do anything, because a mean minority of 41 Republican senators won’t let them, is a message that will go over like a lead balloon. If you try to use that excuse, people will think elected Democrats are liars, wimps, idiots, or an ineffectual combination of all three.

The Wolf You Feed

The title is a reference to a Native American parable — the story exists in various forms. It’s a story that has found significant resonance, particularly lately.

…the article is one I recently posted over on ePluribus Media and DailyKos — it goes on to mention a couple of pieces that comment on the right-wing rhetoric and domestic terrorism that has been constantly egged on by the conservative media and punditry.

I know several folks here are familiar with the parable, and since it was on my mind, I thought it made a good lead-in to the piece. Please check it out and tell me what you think.

The parable, and the diary, begin after the fold…