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“The Ten” great biological inventions

Nick Lane’s “The 10” great biological inventions:

life itself










Wow.  That is one arbitrary list.   The gentleman/scholar missed clocks.  Biological fucking clocks.  What a poser.  What a hoser.  What a deadbeat dad.  What a holocaust.  

Maybe Brad and Angelina can compose a definitive list for us?

It just goes to show ya: Even “experts” have giant dicks draped across their membranes.

The fucking wench-bag wrote a book, too.

I’m sort of kidding.  Sort of not.  

Olbermann DESTROYS Rush “You Suck”

     Memo to Rush: if you want us to stop laughing at you, stop saying stupid shit.

    Keith Olbermann lays down the vicious and savage beating all over Rush Limbaugh’s fat keister. WTF!

    To sum this total owning up.

    “The crushing majority of America thinks you suck”

    The mental gymnastics engaged in by Rush on a daily basis do not make up for his lack of physical gymnastics over the last 2,000 mid night snacks. If Rush evened the score between the two, he could run marathons and power the national grid with the hot air emitting out of all of his orifices.

    The irony is that Rush wants the attention either way, but he wants to be able to entirely control the message, from the moment it passes by his hungry lying lips to the second those words pass your ear drum. The problem for Rush is in how to control the message even after facts prove that he is entirely full of shit.

   Now, if only Rush could eat his own words with the same zeal that he attacks the native salmon making their return to the river during spawning season.