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Buhdydharma Is Bad For Daily Docudharma!

Rules, rules, rules.

So, I’m in a meta mood, and I never met a meta I didn’t abhor. Even my own.

I’m an administrator at this site, and my UID is #6, which has all sorts of implications, if you’ve ever been to Portmeiron, Wales or hung out at Daily Kos, so I have some things to say.

First of all, Israel and Palestine both suck. I haven’t decided which sucks worse, but when I do, I will be sure to post all sorts of hateful diaries about it. Because I’m pure.

Second of all, Daily Kos sucks. I could list countless reasons why it sucks. You can list countless reasons why it sucks. Buhdy doesn’t want this to be a Daily Kos bashing site, but I’m an administrator, here, and I want to bash Daily Kos! I haven’t written a thing there since earlier today, and I intend to prove my hatred for the place by not writing anything there ever again, until I feel like it. Which might be tomorrow. But it still sucks.

Third of all, you’d better be very nice to me or I’ll ban your ass! I like money. Money is good. Give me money, and I promise I won’t ban your ass. Other parts of you, maybe, but not your ass.

Fourth of all, I’m tired of counting. I’m tired. I have a toddler and a newborn, and I’m tired.

So, I guess traffic here has picked up, the past few days. Next thing you know, we’ll be inundated by pootie diaries, and then Keith Olbermann will bless us with his presence, and we can all fawn and drool. I can’t wait!

We haven’t had a good GBCW in quite a while. That’s what you n00bs are here for. We’re going to start picking on you, so some of you can get offended and leave. I can’t wait!

So, welcome everyone. Do your best to offend people and be offended, and you’ll fit right in.