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Yes, Americans Scare Me. They Might Kill Me.

So said a seven year old Iraqi boy in an interview.  The poor kid has basically lived his entire life in a war torn country, in many ways resembling scenes from Mad Max. Now he is an orphan.  He says that the Americans threw a disk of fire at his house and his family was killed.  He survived but the Americans will forever scare him.  

I guess the first thing that I think when I hear this young boy say this is, “You don’t have to be scared of me young man!  Please, let me help you, I don’t want you to be scared.”

The second thing I think is how angry I am that our politicians and government officials have made young people around the world scared of me, an American citizen.  A person who loves and respects all people, regardless of color, race, religion, or who is ruling their country. A person who loves children and is broken hearted when children are abused, maltreated, or subjected to the terrors of war.

I believe all people are equal.  Just as our constitution says.  The U.S. Constitution.  The same country who now has children all over the world “scared” of Americans.  Maybe that is the most disgusting thing about all this.  Other than the deaths, don’t forget the deaths.

I really don’t care whether Obama and Michelle look good in photographs.  I don’t care what Michelle is wearing or whether Obama has a great smile.  I care about people.  I care about children.  This poor boy and the circumstances the U.S. has put him in breaks my heart.   I encourage you to watch this video.


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