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Those who want to speak from their HEARTS?  Minds “exploding” from RAW thoughts? Whatever you THINK it is — IS PROBABLY WHAT IT IS!!!!

Congratulations to the birth of “WRITING IN THE RAW!”

AND to our “long-distance” friend, who persists in being “raw,” but not “distant.”



This brings tears! Unexpected tears from an unexpected soul!

You will forgive me.  I just need a night’s break from the torture issue.  I wake up in the middle of the night, not every single night, but so many, obsessing about what we’ve done — then I can’t get back to sleep for several hours later.  I will never be able to “embrace” this country as I had in the past, if we cannot change the course of our direction as a nation, and a statement made, thereby, by all of us collectively!  I am sure many of you feel the same way!

Today, I digressed, and listened to a most extraordinary experience — one that literally brought me to tears.  Why?  So many reasons.  An extraordinary voice, and a soul, a soul, the kind we don’t see a lot of these days.  As I listened to this wondrous voice and the most dear of expressions, the tears just wouldn’t stop.  

Perhaps, some of you have had the experience, as well. Perhaps, some have not.

I introduce you to Susan Boyle, from England, who entered a contest — Britains Got Talent!

I would so much like to embed this for you, but it seems that it has been requested that it not be allowed. There’s a part of me that understands that!

So, take time to listen to her here, if you can.  Full Version. Win Susan Win. Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent

This article has some interesting comments in relation to this wonderfully lovely, joyful woman.

Susan Boyle Has Captured Hearts Around the World

By Tina Brown, The Daily Beast. Posted April 21, 2009.

Susan’s joyous little jig spoke for millions of women who feel unappreciated, ignored, and ridiculed by modern society.

Will Susan Boyle’s epic moment last week on Britain’s Got Talent (not a BBC show) turn out to be a choreographed piece of TV manipulation? Probably. But that’ll just mean that something false gave rise to something true.

Captain Richard Phillips of the good ship Maersk Alabama-and Sully Sullenberger splashing down his crippled airliner in the Hudson River-broke through the poisonous smog of economic depression and Wall Street skullduggery with a reminder that pure individual heroism is a daily occurrence if we know where to look for it. Susan Boyle is another avatar of global yearning.

The YouTube clip of Susan’s angel voice soaring from the unkissed mouth of that scrunchy-faced, eyebrow-enforested, unprepossessingly dumpy representative of anonymous humanity was the third irresistible message to us all to get over ourselves. Until things get better, we will all go on being unusually receptive to such epiphanies from the news. They remind us what uncomplicated strength of character looks like. . . .

Well, I don’t expect that everyone should completely agree with the article, nonetheless, it has a great deal of merit, IMO!

For me, I had a very beautiful experience today — to listen to Susan Boyle, to see Susan Boyle. and to cry and love her simplicity and beautiful voice!