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A Primary Challenge We Can Believe In

Democrats like to poo-poo the idea of running a challenge to the sitting President in a Democratic Primary.  They become angry when such an idea is suggested and direct their flames at the messenger.

This would ensure electoral defeat, they say.  There isn’t a candidate who could be presented as a credible choice.  Their excuses go on and on and on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Barbara Lee:

She’s a clear voice of Progressive Democratic principles.  She voted against the war in Afghanistan and against the Patriot Act.  She’s stood up against corporations when her party was caving in to the moneyed interests.

Poll: 70% Support Fully Funded Withdrawal or NOTHING

News From Rep. Barbara Lee:

Asked what Congress should do with President Bush’s pending Iraq supplemental request, the poll found that 70 percent of respondents want Congress to either vote against the President’s request or require that funds can only be used for my plan to protect troops and bring them home. And by a two to one margin, respondents favored requiring that funds be spent on redeployment instead of providing the administration funds without conditions

She asks us to contact our representatives and support this plan. That is my intention, and I hope you’ll join me.