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America manufactures losers

America’s loss of manufacturing prowess is widely lamented, but what is not widely understood is that our postmodern business culture has perfected the manufacture of a hugely profitable product: the loser. Losers are citizens who have been stripped of their independence by ignorance, poverty, addiction, and propaganda manipulation. Losers are a profitable product for the following reasons:

1. Losers are docile consumers, willing to buy almost anything, with low expectations for quality and service.

2. Losers can be loaded down with debt, because they can’t perform rudimentary arithmetic and will tolerate living as debt slaves.

3. Losers are politically passive because they are hypnotized by TV propaganda that tells them that they are OK.

4. Losers are easily addicted to highly profitable products and services like alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and fantasy entertainment.

5. Losers produce loser children, because they don’t value education and are too poor and stressed to raise their kids properly.

As the American economy contracts, the “winners” in our society will try desperately to increase the production of losers. If the supply of willing losers is insufficient, it may be necessary to turn the middle class into losers by debasing the currency and calling for national “sacrifice.” America’s winners, having perfected the manufacture of losers, will not readily abandon this highly profitable industry.