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The Diary From New Galt Gulch

From a mud caked Hello Kitty diary found by a stream:

New Galt Gulch – Day One!!!

Well we did it, just like Ms. Rand suggested we have left behind all the penalties that are being imposed on the creative people by the heinous Obama administration. Let’s see how they like it when their society falls apart!

Here in NGG we are sure that we are just the first of the those that will drop out and make our own new way of living. Diary, you can not believe who is with us here! We have Michelle Malkin and her hubby, former Gov. Mark Sanford, and best of all Rush Limbaugh!!! He really is as big in real life as he looks on TV.

Things are a little Spartan, what with everyone setting up their campaign equipment from Lands End, but no doubt with all these creative people we will have new mansions in short order! Must run Diary, Limbaugh is hosting a first night Luau! You can’t believe how much booze he brought with him!