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Run Away! Cats!

If you’re one of those folks who hates all those stupid, moronic cat shot diaries, run away! If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a pootie pic or two, I’ve got a ton of ’em from being kind of stuck indoors with ’em a lot and having a digital camera. Here’s a few shots of two of mine, one of which I lost not too long ago. Before we check her out though…

The Proctoscope… or The View From Here

Ranting About Manifestos and Blogs

(Incidentally, I offered the “Proctoscope” title to buhdy, but for some strange reason, he turned me down. What was he thinking?)

At any rate, here’s my dumbass take on the Manifesto thing. Why should you care about what I say? You shouldn’t. I’ll be the first person to tell you, unequivocally, to never take my advice on anything because I’m as full of shit as a Christmas turkey and don’t know what in the f*** I’m talking about. I’m not well-educated and have only a few worthless initials after my name.  If that’s not a huge problem for you though, then in my best “Price is Right” voice, I say “C’mon down!”…. Below the fold, that is.

Senate Approves $150 Billion in War Funding

Extra, extra, read all about it. In an incredible show of spinelessness, this bill was approved in a 92-3 vote today. More hurl-worthy news below…

We are So F***ED: The True Significance of Iraq and George W. Bush

I’m trying to wrap my mind around something that, frankly, seems impossible. It started with some revelations (to me!) about Iraq’s history written by none other than Scott Ritter – the UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq from 1991-1998. It’s turned what I thought I knew about Iraq and that country’s relationship with Islam – and us and George W. Bush – on its head and not for the better.

If I may provide you with some examples of what I learned, please repel over the crevasse with me…

Oil for Nuthin’… Chicks for Free

You’ll call me crazy. Tell me I’m insane. And you’d be right, by the way, but not necessarily with regards to what this essay is about. What if I told you that we have, right now, the technology to turn just about anything into oil? And when I say “anything” I mean mostly nasty stuff that we don’t want… Like “tires, plastic bottles, harbor-dredged muck, old computers, municipal garbage, cornstalks, paper-pulp effluent, infectious medical waste, oil-refinery residues, even biological weapons such as anthrax spores.” In fact, pretty much anything except nuclear waste. I’ll provide a source to my quote below the fold.

Rudy’s Smoldering Ruins of Bullshit

Since 9/11 there have been many theories as to what really brought those buildings down – from the “official” reports – to the fringe, tin-foil hattery of the paranoid, conspiracy theorists. But there was (and is) a cover-up that has nothing to do with what caused those towers to fall – A coverup in which our government was and is absolutely complicit: The alledged safety of the air around Ground Zero in the aftermath of the attacks in what has been dubbed “The World Plague Center”. More below the imaginary crease…