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Hunter T. Meets George C. and Influences RogerDaddy…or something like that.

Ok, this is weird. A little over a month ago I started a little essay titled “Fear & loathing…Please Bear With Me” wherein I was going to quote extensively from a great HST column in honor of the God of Gonzo himself. This is where it gets weird. Apparently I posted this essay in a very incomplete form while either sleepwalking, drunk or gawd-knows-what and I just now realized it.

A brief explanation: I became involved in the blogosphere extensively around two years ago while looking for work. (No, I wasn't wearing pajamas in my parent's basement during this endeavor but I do blog naked sometimes. You should try it if you haven't already ;-)>

Anyways, I have since become gainfully employed, my daughter is now 4 years old and is the most beautiful creation on this planet and, oh yeah…my wife is still gorgeous, sexy and the world's best mom…period, at least according to me.

This leads me to the conclusion of this opening. I haven't been paying attention like I used to when I had the time and this “essay-ooops” is one example. So, I've decided to be a semi-regular contributor here in my own way…sort of a reminder of how great Hunter S. Thompson and George Carlin were, are and always will be, in their own unique way. Sometimes it comes together with humor…sometimes it comes together in horrific seriousness…sometimes it's a little of both and sometimes it's neither or whatever moves me at the time. Remember, these are called Weblogs for a reason. Call it my online private journal for all the world to read and ponder, if only for a moment.

Come along for the ride, if you want. If not, that's cool too. This will be the first installment. There will be more, or not. I hope there will be…The Noodles, The Sauce & The Holy Meatballs willing.

As Always…Peace ;-)> 

Fear & Loathing Today…Please Bear With Me.

Ok…I'll admit, I'm posting this here because I'm afraid of the wrath of the “Rules Committee”-types who control the orange zone. I don't need any more stress than I already have and I'm hoping you people are a little more accepting of creative license and will appreciate my effort.

Hunter S. Thompson is a gawd…period. I don't know if he worshipped The Noodles, The Sauce & The Holy Meatballs but I'm relatively sure he would have at least understood the concept and partaken in our particular brand of lunacy to point out the insanity of what is considered “normal” in this 230-year-old experiment we call democracy and the good ol' U.S.A. 

Bearing that in mind I ask you all to consider this brief essay written by Mr. Thompson before his death in 2006 that could apply today and is my way of expressing myself. I agree with everything he says and if this is plagarism or “overuse” of another's writings in my “diary” than I guess I'm glad I'm writing an essay.

I'm sure you'll understand. As Always…Peace ;-)>