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John! Barack! Hillary! Dennis! Bill! Joe! Chris! et al!

so you wanna be president, huh? and you tell me you’re gonna make it all better…

then tell me: when will you SHOW UP where we really really need to see you?

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senator edwards, it’s me, pfiore8

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my diary today on dKos

read MY f’cking rant, kos

read MY f’cking rant kos

posted on dKos today…

read my f’cking rant kos

Reworked poem (thanks cronie!)

i would leave …today
and walk straight through tomorrow
if only i knew
that i’d find

i remember thinking…
as we watched the
fire flies fading
like falling embers into the night
i should kiss you
in this smoldering light

in the morning…
memory brings the garden into bloom
i still smell days, just before rain
and hear the thud and splat
of water, gathering in the bird bath
and making mud of our path

the afternoon and the sun
fall through the bedroom window
all warm and yellow,
with a warmed breeze blowing over us
… those few perfect moments of rest
when there is no need for it…

these things, and a hundred more
make me pull open the door
and walk away from today
through tomorrow
and further

to find you…………………

Some thoughts

thinking about blogging the future… and just decided to throw some stuff out

blogging the future tense
blogging the fourth wall
breaking the fourth wall
blogging the salon
thread bare
blogging the navel
blogging the gate
extreme blogging

i don’t know why i’m doing this because, while i LOVE titles, i am not good at them (or headlines)

but i love when two or three words can knock me on my ass


just trying to leave comments but can’t… don’t know why and, fyi dear admins, there’s a black box following me around here… seriously i mean…

so this seemed the next best thing
as we are still in test mode (see buhdy, i said we…)

but happy to see old friends here and just wanted to say hellooooo to everybody except ek, who is ignoring me at present

i don’t have any ponies, but i do have a cute joke

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