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Residential schools in Canada, the lost generations.

Hello, I haven’t posted a diary here before. I signed up….I think it was on the Grand opening day.

I blog at a site called A Creative Revolution and We are trying to get some media attention on this topic. So I thought I would post here to catch any Canucks. Any help and support from our American freinds is always very much appreciated too.

The Facebook group Mass Graves of Residential School Children Identified- Where is the media?

Started two Fridays ago, has now grown to almost 2000 members. The purpose of this group is pretty self explanatory. With the release of a list of suspected mass graves, we are wondering why this hasn’t made a bigger dent in the traditional media coverage.

There has been a lot of time spent slandering Kevin Annett, a lot of that has been coming from certain religious organizations, with a definite vested interest wouldn’t you say?

But here is the larger more important question? Is there enough evidence to investigate and place this under public scrutiny?

We believe there is.