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Fight! Food Fight For Life!

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This is my first time posting an essay here.  This is too important to not spread around.

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One of my favorite things about the Oscar nominations is the new list of documentaries to see, on this list this year is Food INC.

Watching Oprah interview Michael Pollan, the other day talking about the Oscar nominated documentary Food INC. which he narrated, I was so intrigued I ordered the movie and watched it today.

For the sake of you and your families health, for the sake of the health of the planet, for the sake of the soul of the human race please I beg you to watch this documentary. You can get it through amazon for 10 bucks here:…

It is priceless in terms of what you get and you can pass it on to everyone you know.  Yes it is that important!

You know how you get little snippets of what is going on and you think you know but this documentary pulls it all together starting with the seed all the way to the plate and the grave.

It is gripping and had me shaking just like you do when you are cold.  I kid you not this film of where we are is like a cold splash of reality.  The bottom line message is we vote for this every time we buy something to eat.  If everyone saw this movie and we changed our buying habits the change would be powerful and swift.

Enough about the movie you just have to see it and get back to me.

More about this amazing man Michael Pollan after the jump……. talk about heroes this guy is way up there on the list!