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I’d like to first off, apologize to EK for my last post, from about a year ago. Ya know sometimes we screw-up and say things without thinking them through. Please accept my humble apology.

Otherwise, it’s good to see PF8 back in the mix, you’ve always been a favorite.

Best I recall, things started to get funky a few years ago when the conversation got a little tribal and the sense of community was shaken up. It would mean the world to me to see a semblance of Buhdy’s spot come back to life.

What do you think, Edgar,PF,Momcat,EK, et al?  

Food For thought w/ question

Hi All,

I haven’t been around for a period of time, largely as a result of how things have ended up at my favorite (and only group I’ve ever joined) blog. Thank you, MomCat for keeping this alive.

My thought is re President Carter. This guy was a true visionary. His concerns with respect to energy and climate change, had they been taken seriously, would surely have left our country and the world in a better place. Further, when he spoke of true shared sacrifice, then Gov Raegan, ridiculed the idea that Americans had a responsibility not only to ourselves but to the rest of the planet as well. “there you go again”.

I ask those of you who are wiser than myself, to help me understand how our political discourse has become so shallow and self serving.

President Romney? That thought is nothing less than terrifying.

Thanks for your ear(s).