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The Sun Still Came Up This Morning

So the midterms are over and who gives a rat’s ass?  In the grand scheme of things, politics doesn’t amount to a pisshole in the snow.

Here’s what’s really important –

Watch it.  Then watch it again.

And the Cheat Goes On


For the last week or so we have been regaled with claims from the Bushwa Barry administration that the taxpayer will turn a profit on AIG, TARP money has been paid back and the economy was fixed over a year ago even though nobody seemed to notice at the time.  Perhaps it’s an attempt by the shyster in chief to get his demoralized base – the ones he’s been crapping on for the last couple years – to “stop whining” and perhaps they would it it weren’t so obvious that all these claims are complete and utter bullshit.

Meanwhile, the bankers who made scads of cash pushing fraudulent mortgages they knew couldn’t be repaid and then made even more when their mortgage schemes blew up and the government decided to bail them out are now looking to hit the trifecta by using fraudulent documents to foreclose on the specious mortgages they pushed in the first place.  Because who could have foreseen that a bunch of criminals who were rewarded for their duplicity rather than punished would take that as a pass to keep running the scam?   Of course none of the myriad regulatory agencies ostensibly created to prevent this sort of thing could be bothered to do much about it ahead of time, so now that the latest round of fraud is coming to light JP Morgan, GMAC and others are suspending their foreclosure proceedings until they can get things sorted out.  Translation – now that they’ve been caught red handed they’re going to try to pretend it was all an innocent mistake that they will fix with all due diligence and haste.  And they’ll probably get away with it too, just like they have with the rest of their criminal practices.

Blather Dither Prattle and Drone


Might as well listen to the tacit assessments of a one ton hunk of tentacled protoplasm.  At least they’re fairly intelligent creatures.  Because you’ll never find out what’s really going on by heeding the corporate harlots squawking on the goggle box or the slatterns chattering from their Congressional cathouse where all the walls are papered green with lobbyist largess.

Elections have consequences we are told.  Just check the box on your ballot with the capital ‘D’ beside it and change will be on the way.  But when millions did just that in 2006 the Democrats immediately backtracked, telling us they didn’t really mean 2006 would be the start of something different. Because well, they couldn’t impeach the obviously criminal Republican in the bully pulpit because it would distract from all the important things that must be done, but because that same Republican president was still there they couldn’t pass anything he wouldn’t approve.  So they spent their first two years in control of Congress rubber stamping the Bush agenda or simply doing nothing of substance at all.  But all that would surely change in 2008 if we could just put a Democrat in the White House, maybe get a new Supreme or two, and then this nation would be altered like a Sunday school marm on an MDMA bender.  This stodgy authoritarian gray dame of a country would be transformed into something fresh and new.  We’d all get health care, better jobs, go green, stop the corruption and fraud, and end the wars that raged.  There’d be shiny happy people everywhere.  All the Whos would be singing and we’d all get roast beast.

So you say you want a revolution?

I had an idea just now thanks to gdwtch52 over at the orange website.  It’s about impeachment.

I won’t go on about the need for it.  We’ve read about the crimes for years and had even more evidence presented just in the last few days when the government admitted to torture.

There has some interest in pursuing impeachment in Congress, most notably the efforts of Dennis Kucinich, Congressman Wexler, and to some extent John Conyers.  He may be starting to come around. But our Congress members for the most part have so far refused to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution, most notably Nancy Pelosi.  It appears that if we are to hold the criminals in high places accountable, we’re going to have to give our Congresspeople a little shove in the right direction ourselves.

What if we could get at least one person from every state to commit to walking or biking to DC to face their Congressperson directly?   I’m no organizer, but that would seem to be easier to do than arranging a huge rally. They are usually over in a few hours and rarely get any media attention unless there is tear gas involved.  

This idea may not get attention at first either, but if done correctly it could be very high profile eventually.  Plus, I think a group of people hiking or biking to DC would be seen as a fairly positive event, rather than being portrayed as a mob of angry rabble rousers, not that there’s anything wrong with that…;)

We all have a lot of contacts throughout the leftleaning political websites, and if we care enough about politics to be here in the first place we probably have some friends in the real world who care about the same things too.  If we can spread the word, I’m sure there would be at few dozen people willing to commit.  

As far as getting it organized goes, I have a few ideas but am hoping to get more from people here.  Setting up a website would be a good place to get some networking started.   Once people were committed, we’d need to set up routes.  People could either sleep in the homes of other volunteers, or money could be raised to put them up for the evening.  It would be good to have others join in locally for shorter walks or rides.   We’d have to create some publicity, but it isn’t too hard to crack into the local media to get things started.  Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get them to cover your story.

This site strikes me as having a crowd where the majority favors impeachment and there are some longtime activists who might want to do something about it. I’m posting this here in the hopes that people might have some good ideas as to how to make something like this work, and also so it might stay up a little longer to give people a chance to see it.

So who of you has some extra vacation time and an axe to grind?