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11/2/2010 The Great Sit In


If the so-called progressive Democratic Party succeeds passing the Health Insurance Corporate Welfare bill without a public option, I’m staging a Sit In…On Election Day.

You’re all invited!

It’s easy to organize!

It requires almost no effort on the part of the participants!

Imagine a Sit In all across our nation.

If you want to demonstrate this in-action activism outside your own home you could stop by your polling place, walk in, sing a bar of Alice’s Restaurant, and walk out without voting.

It can start with just one person, if just one person does it they may think he’s a Crazy Third Party Naderite and they’ll ignore him.  And if two people, two people do it, in Harmony, they may think they’re both F-ing Rahmtarded Liberals and no big threat.  Where are they going to go anyway?

And if three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out. They may think it’s an organization.  And can you, can you imagine fifty people in one day, I said fifty people in one day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and walking out.  

They may think it’s a movement.

better than doing nothing

Like a lot of people, I’m insanely frustrated with our elected representatives’ actions. I’m constantly asking myself, am I doing enough, are we making any difference at all.

My local supermarket was about to go on strike. My cashier had a button on reading “I don’t want to go on strike but will if I have to”. I told her she and her coworkers deserved a decent wage and if they went on strike I wasn’t coming back to that store until the strike was over. I told her she had my complete support. I don’t know how many other customers offered support. I’m only one person but I figured offering my support was the least I could do on that day, in that line.

I’m constantly getting mailings from the DCCC and others from the Party Establishment looking for money. I’m answering each one, telling them why they have lost my support. They always provide a business reply envelope but ask you to save them postage by using your own stamp. I never provide my own stamp. I make them pay to open my empty envelope and find my two cents worth. It may only be punishing them a few cents at a time, but if a hundred people do it too, or maybe a thousand people, it starts to add up to real money.

The Nader Vote

For a brief time I was angry at the Nader voters that could have given us President Gore instead of the King Kriminal Bush.  

These days, not so much.

Nader, when asked if he felt responsible for the Bush years said something along the lines of …Hey, it’s not my fault. If I hadn’t been on the ballot, the people who voted for me probably wouldn’t have voted at all…

I can’t argue with that.

Extreme Justice vs. Equal Justice

Today’s Republican noise machine is busy broadcasting that those people who want accountability for torture are just the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party.  If the Obama justice department investigates and prosecutes former Bush administration officials, Obama will lose the support of moderates.

Here’s what a former Republican Presidential candidate said about extremism versus moderation:

I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” Barry Morris Goldwater 1964.

Now I’m no extremist.

An extremist would insist George, Dick and Don get water-boarded over one hundred and eighty times in thirty days.

You know… Justice biblical style – an eye for an eye.

Nope, I’ll settle for a fair trial and if convicted of a crime, sending them to jail.

The real question is, in this new Obama era, will there still be two systems of Justice and two Americas?    

The Issue is Black & White, and redundant. Separate but Equal = Bigot.

I just surfed past 30 seconds of Morning Joe Scarborough Country and heard Joe Mika and Pat all whine:

as soon as someone who’s against gay marriage is called a bigot, the conversation is over.  Oh the humanity, it’s so awful, if you are a conservative Christian who believes in traditional marriage you’re a bigot, oh my Gosh this is so terrible, to be labeled a bigot!

Nodding heads all around the table.



The next time I see a Repug attack dog on Faux Noise or on the MSM tagging a Democratic candidate as Liberal, Liberal, Liberal, I want to see MY candidate aggressively attack back.

“That’s right I AM A LIBERAL!

  • Conservatives believe it’s perfectly ok for the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer!
  • Conservatives don’t care that the middle class in America is shrinking!
  • Conservatives want to give the Richest 1% Tax Cuts while our military struggles to buy more up armored humvees!
  • Conservatives want to privatize social security instead of raising the withholding cap for people who earn more than 100 Grand a year!
  • Conservatives don’t care that the deficit has doubled under their watch!
  • Conservatives want Paris Hilton not to pay any taxes on the money she earns from her parents death!
  • Conservatives don’t want evolution taught in public schools!
  • Conservatives don’t want stem cell research done on frozen embryos, even if they are going to be thrown out anyway!
  • Conservatives don’t want teenagers to know about or to have access to birth control!
  • Conservatives are offended when they hear a phone message giving them an option for a second language!
  • Conservatives are afraid their kids will become gay if gay marriage becomes legal and accepted!
  • Conservatives believe water boarding isn’t torture as long as they’re not on the receiving end!
  • Conservatives believe we should occupy Iraq indefinitely!
  • Conservatives believe we should ‘stay on offense’ on the so called war on terror, and that we should threaten to invade or nuke any country whose leaders don’t like us!
  • Conservatives believe we can just kill everyone who hates us!
  • Conservatives believe anyone who thinks President Bush is an idiot, hates America!

That’s right, you nailed me!  I AM A LIBERAL!”

It makes me nuts that our candidates are afraid of the L word.  Especially since the Conservatives have been such screw ups.  All we have to do is point out their record.  When they try to duck it and shift blame we need to hit them with “I thought your party was supposed to be the party of personal responsibility, take some!”

I know I’m just fantasizing but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a candidate that would actually fight?  Their candidates are falling all over each other to claim they are more Conservative than the other.  While our candidates and the MSM think being labeled a Liberal is bad?

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