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Who here is a rebel?

First, my apologies to all I’ve offended.  All I can say is, it was whiskey and a new medicine speaing.

So, what about the Citizens United case?

In a nutshell, it practically changes federal law very little but overturns a lot of state law.

In terms of federal elections, Citizens United changes the law little and doesn’t mean much.

As for state elections, fasten your seatbelt.

Advocacy organizations will now be able to go into states, such as Michigan, and pound the voters.  Fasten your seat belt.

The real question is, will you give to these advocacy organizations?

That’s what they hope.


I write for myself.  Sorry to be selfish and self-centered.

You think, perhaps, the Left is good and the Right is bad.

So vote for LBJ in 1964.  Goldwater was terrible.

But at least LBJ gave you the Vietnam war.

The Citizens United Case…Duh

Here’s the deal.

Some fucks on the left want to give control of corporate political speech to congress.

Sounds like a good idea?  Yeah, if you want congress to have the power to censor blogsites owned by corporations.  Or the NY Times.  Barf.  Or Rush or Fox News.

These fucks on the left are misguided.  They fear and despise Rush and Fox News.  But they’re devoid of ideas on how to deal with these cesspools.

They want to trash the First Amendment to achieve the goal of shutting Bill O’Reilly’s mouth.

Goddamnit.  Fight fire with fire.  Debate in the open marketplace of ideas.

Don’t cave and become like a nazi.  This message was brought to you by Viet71 and is aimed, in part, at Jane Hamsher and her septic system at FDL.