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A promise kept

Somewhere among my last entries here before the Election SeasonSM began in earnest last year, I promised to post something about why things are not as bad as they may seem stateside.  Please forgive that I’ve not followed up until now.

(Regarding Election SeasonSM itself, well, Metaphorical Carpet Bombing with facts as munitionsSM, TM in the dkos realm worked out pretty well, IMO.  So began the Revolution.  And most of it was televised after all.)

The New Revolution

The New Revolution

I trust that it’s become clear by now that some US citizens are under siege.  I use that word guardedly.  If under siege, we are in self-defense mode.  That means we can take whatever measures necessary to defend ourselves.  We have that right.  It can’t be taken away under threat, because the threat itself gives us the right to defend ourselves.  

If we are at risk of our lives if we don’t respond, that is a threat.  If the threat is just to a few of us, the case for siege is hard to make.  It’s a matter of where to draw the line between ‘falling through the cracks’ and stopping those cracks from opening to swallow more of us.  Where to draw the line between things like misfeasance or malfeasance, and outright siege that will destroy more and more us?  Readers will decide where to draw that line, where the tipping point is between neglect and abuse for a few who don’t matter enough (your choice), and neglect and abuse for so many people that it has to be called a siege.  Here are some pointers.