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Dharmapedia – Temporary spot for graphics

This is not a diary, just a way to get graphics to Buhdy and OnTheBus.

Please click on the image to access copies (2 versions).

Buhdy needs a graphic for Dharmapedia. Your ideas, comments and suggestions are most welcome. These are “blue lotus” drafts. I could try something with Lennon and the reclining Buddha. In this sample, the eyes will need a lighter red in the lower lid.

Canadian judge invalidates US extradition treaty

Inasmuch - after Rembrandt - Meher Arar

November 23, 1963

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‘Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot’

Make The Call

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Please all 1-202-225-3121 to say you support Congresman Kucinich’s Impeachment of vice president Dick Cheney.

Thanksgiving Turkey

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SPP: Canadians are on the case

You are invited!


If you cannot attend, but would like to know more about the dangers of the Security and Prosperity Partnership to Canada, the USA and Mexico, please visit – Mel Hurtig’s online discussion forum and source of the bold posters here –

and – The Council of Canadians

as well as the New Democratic Party

Thank you.

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Zombi Condi

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Current TV Town Hall – An Invitation from Al Gore

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Lady Liberty: Freedom For Oil

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Pete, Nancy, George and WWIII, by Cindy Sheehan


This Way to the Camps: Homeland Security Directive

This Presidential Directive is copied and pasted in its entirety from the White House site –

This is exactly what Naomi Klein, Naomi Wolf and other thinkers on social justice and democracy have been warning us about.

I will be most interested in seeing your thoughts and comments, and of course Stonemason’s – whose idea it was to post this.

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