Dharmapedia – Temporary spot for graphics

This is not a diary, just a way to get graphics to Buhdy and OnTheBus.

Please click on the image to access copies (2 versions).

Buhdy needs a graphic for Dharmapedia. Your ideas, comments and suggestions are most welcome. These are “blue lotus” drafts. I could try something with Lennon and the reclining Buddha. In this sample, the eyes will need a lighter red in the lower lid.



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    • Tigana on December 4, 2007 at 3:18 pm


  1. I like it!  Actually we are thinking about changing the banner and taking buddha & Lennon out so it’s a good thing you didn’t use those images.   The flower is a great idea – but with more edge definition, in agreement with RiaD.  Or maybe a different flower?  I was just looking for some lotus images. I’ll post the links to some I like but I have to run off for work now.  I’ll get back to you later.  

    Great job Tigana!

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