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Ummm, I really don’t have an opinion on that.

Oh, really.  No opinion?  None?  A blank piece of paper on the topic?  Bullshit. 

To make money to pay for my internet connection, food, and other stuff necessary to keep on, I spend my days as a media strategist at a marketing communications firm.  (OK, fine.  It's an advertising agency.)  We spend our time trying to get people to initiate some kind of behavior.  Buy something.  Use something.  Switch from something else.  It's an honest living, though maybe close to the line.  Anyway, we do a lot of research.  Focus groups.  One on one interviews.  Copy tests.  Taste tests.  Surveys.  And through all that, one thing that I find utterly baffling is when someone says:  I don't have an opinion on that.”