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Happy birthday to me!

I’m 53! In about 12 hours, central standard time.

Some think me wicked.But I heard that it was best for local birds to keep the dead flowers on the plants to give them seed. So I did. I love critters. I plant for the impossible hummingbird that dwells in the urban world. I let the wasps do what they want, and at the end of seasons am rewarded with the remnants of their precious nests. I love architecture.

War can be better–ask argyle sweater!

(my deepest apologies for interrupting all the discussion about blog civility, which, given the state of things these days is absolutely crucial.)

Fresh from covering Hillary’s flank with his endorsement, War-is-Wes jumps guns to lay out his Sec’y of Defense duties.

There will be war!!!!!!!!!! Count on it. Know why?