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My US Navy son has returned from Iraq

Back in mid-September, I diaried about visiting with my son before he left for Iraq.  His daughter turned 8 months old yesterday.  Today her Daddy arrived home, safe and sound.

Physically, AFAIK, he is fine.  Psychologically, he’s probably okay as well.  He is pretty solid and he knows how to let bullshit slide by.  For 6 months, he and unit have been under the never-ending blare of FUX Propaganda posing as news from the outside world.  Not to mention 12 hour shifts, 6 days and one day off.  And you can’t really prevent rubbing shoulders with the gung-ho types.  You just try to avoid them as best you can.

My apologies, I am an HTML dumbfuck, so this is a C&P of my diary at dkos.

I just wanted to update y’all.

Aaauuuggghhh! Big Papa Orange is down

ct has the site unavailable for a while.  The way he wrote it, I think that means A WHILE.  I, still, hang out at dkos the most.  But I do come over here at least once per evening to see what’s shakin’.

Confession: I need to make more of an effort with giving mojo here.  It’s just that I’m so lazy about actuating the pull down ratings thingie.

So anyway, for refugees of dkos needing a fix, come gather here.  Talk about the CA fires, group create an OND, whatever blows your hair back.  I’ve got another hour ’til beddy time.

What the fuck are we?

Over at big orange the denizens are collectively referred to as Kossacks, Kossians or Kossaks.  The latter being a preference of buhdy and myself, et al.  I like the almost palindromic look of “kossak”.

But now we are here at docudharma.  So, are we docudharmics?  Docudharmists?  Maybe a Simpsonsesque “dod’hists”?  Saying that we are “DD’s” (developmentally disabled) is too rife for derision, however apt it may be from time to time.

I love you. I’ll see ya later.

A little story of last weekend’s bittersweet visit in Seattle & Whidbey Island.