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Magento Mobile Extension

Magento Mobile is a product that makes it easy for Magento merchants to create customizable, native storefront apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android using the same product catalog information on their website. Included in the current product is an admin panel to customize and configure your mobile storefront, as well as the ability to submit your app through Magento to iTunes or Android stores. Their dedicated magento mobile team will test the application and manage the submission process to the marketplace on your behalf. With the new Magento-mobile admin, you’ll bring the functional powerhouse of Magento eCommerce to your mobile commerce channel, including full integration with your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting, and much more!

The Magento Mobile source code allows you to customize and create your own extensions, and to develop a high performing mobile app with a seamless user experience. Customize the app with unique features to meet customer requirements and easily create new magento mobile extension. It provides simple application architecture based on Magento core and extension modules. Now there is a new cheap solution for only $69 a month. You start off by installing the extension in the mobile admin, which is available free of charge, and use it to configure your app. Once you’re ready to submit an application through Magento Mobile, you will be required to enter an “app key”, which can be purchased from the “plans and pricing” tab, or through your My Admin panel on their website. They take care of the process from there and notify you once your app is live in the app store and available for download.

Supporting a native app can be time consuming and tedious, so they manage the submission & support lifecycle. They manage the complexity of mobile apps so you can focus on running your business! Deploy new device-specific features and branded themes with just a few clicks. Quickly update the colors and appearance of your app with the new Magento mobile admin, even after customers have downloaded your app. Magento’s cost-efficient approach allows you to bring best-in-class mobile experience to your customers without the high price tag. Pay only for the features and devices you want while Magento handles the ongoing maintenance of your app in the iTunes and Android marketplaces.