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Hofstra Debate ’08: Veterans Arrested

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These servicemen of the IVAW were arrested (along with others) for wanting to ask the candidates a question.

This is them at a “Community Empowerment Rally” in the poor area of Hempstead before marching to Hofstra University.

More Video below….

Straight Talk Express Is At My School! Oh Boy!

Cross-posted at Free Speech Zone


Had to use a photobucket pic because we’re not allowed within 7847249865298735 ft. of it.

They raised my tuition for this bullshit?

The Good, The Banned, and The Ugly

So yeah, i’m here.

Got a site of my own, a quaint little sandbox called Free Speech Zone.

Seems to be a lot of Kossacks up in tha hizzy, hope yer not nazis like them.

So like ya do in jail, i’m sending up a flag to see who’s a friendly:


Leave cheers and jeers below.

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