Hofstra Debate ’08: Veterans Arrested

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These servicemen of the IVAW were arrested (along with others) for wanting to ask the candidates a question.

This is them at a “Community Empowerment Rally” in the poor area of Hempstead before marching to Hofstra University.

More Video below….

After that we assembled at the corner of California Ave. in order to await further instructions by the IVAW

The deadline for aides from both candidates to approach the veterans and allow them into the debate was 7pm.

7 p.m., no aides from either candidate, they get in formation to march to the debate anyway:

At the gates, the Nassau County Police weren’t above arresting the men and women in uniform.

Not without first asking the questions they wanted to ask:

And of course, the “nothing more to see here” fucking pigs after the whole ordeal….



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  1. i’m spent.

  2. With that left, left, left right left. It comes back so easy, so quickly. Full disclosure, I’m Nam era Army, overseas in Panama for 18 months of my two year draftee period of active duty.

    Yet counting cadence isn’t the intent of this comment. I just want to say right on Brothers and Sisters, stand strong, your hearts and the strength they show are gold, solid gold.

    Be well, and thank you for all that you do to help bring peace to the world.

  3. Selected photos of the assault on IVAW member Nick Morgan and others here.

    A good video and other coverage on iReport, Newsday story here, more photos here.

    I have my own photos from this too but have not uploaded them yet. Will post links here when they’re up.

    Jesus Christ this shit pisses me the fuck off. Yes, that was me screaming “HOW DARE YOU!” up on the wall at the tops of my little ex-Sergeant lungs.

  4. The person in the pink cami hat is Liz Hourican from CodePink. The horse stepped on the toes on her right foot. Also visible in the second photo is Nick Morgan of Iraq Veterans Against The War, who was knocked unconscious. He is known to have a broken cheekbone, I am not sure what other injuries he sustained.

  5. http://www.facebook.com/group….

  6. I’ve been talking offline to Patrick Whittle, the reporter who wrote the Newsday article, because I happened to take a picture of him interviewing Liz that morning. I forwarded that photo and the other relevant shots that pertained to the story he wrote.

    Patrick asked me to put him in touch with Nick Morgan, so I forwarded his number to Mac Bica, the Vets for Peace LI Chapter coordinator. He also said he’s going to do everything he can to make sure that the Hempstead 15 stay in the news!

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