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Happen 2 U? A friend?

I find it real hard to believe I am the only one this happened to. So please read. if it does not apply to you, and you have no comment, then please go ahead and enjoy the novelty of the problem. It’s long, but it’s fun, unless it’s you,

To preface, because it is now apparent that I owe these guys no Courtesy, the following has been sent for review to :

a/ My family and friends.

b/ The local paper.

c/ The local grapevine.

d/ Representative Defazio.

e/ Representative Conyers, via his blog.

f/ Senator Wyden

g/ You.

But it has not yet been sent to the Department of Education, because they won’t give me their email, and my printer is kaput. Tuesday the Library is open. Then I will burn two copies, one for the bad guys, the other for the local Senior and Disabled Services Office. This gives some time to change the letter, make it better. And that is why I am asking for input.

Thanks all, and with no further ado, on with the show !



To keep and bear arms.…

Having read the Heller decision, in its’ entirety, I now attempt comment. There are several things which could be said which I will omit, and thank another writer for addressing. This in deference to brevity and because I cannot catch every single mistake, now can I?

An Open Letter to Representative DeFazio

Hi folks.

I just mailed this missive off the Pete Defazio. It could be better and I wish it was. I console myself with the thought that, you can’t do everything at the same time.

I would be interested in what you think of it.

It goes like this:

Dear Mr.Representative ;

I have discussed your recent missive, reproduced below for reference, with a variety of friends, relations, musicians, activists and protesters. The consensus is, we are disappointed with the representation we are receiving from you at this time. Responding, I will summarize your statement, then draw reference from it to demonstrate the validity of the summation, and then I will state the true nature of the challenge before us.

In sum, You say that because a previous Congress was corrupt and complicit, this Congress must on that account be corrupt and complicit also.

Message for a friend.

You are what you think. Not what you think you are, just what you think. That miracles spark behind your eyes is very much more “You” than the whole of your body.


Close your eyes.



If you truly see nothing, watch for a while. Try to imagine nothing watching you. But, don’t try hard. Look to the edge of nothing, is there an end to it? Look around. This is where you are. You are the only one here. Look long enough, and you will learn to see what you are looking around with.

Amazing, to me, that each could be the way I see my own, if I see clearly.

But, …. The way I see it is just the way I see it, see?

So…What do you see?

Kertis Engle 1993 No title, No copyright.

A response to Congressman Wexlers’ Letter

First, because you may not have seen it, here is the letter. If you want to skip it, scroll to the heavy line on the next page.


This morning, during a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, I questioned FBI Director Robert Mueller on his agency’s response to claims – made by his own FBI agents – that the CIA was torturing prisoners.  I wanted to find out why, if the FBI’s own agents had alleged illegal actions were taking place, there was no investigation into the CIA’s illegal and immoral practices.

Mueller’s responses, which I would like you to read below, create new concerns and call for further investigation in the days ahead.

I believe Mr. Mueller owes more to Congress and the American people than the half-answers he gave in his testimony today.

I would urge you to contact the editors and news departments of your local media and ask them to look into the responses below.  It is critical that this discussion takes place beyond emails and blogs – and is covered by the mainstream media.

In two weeks the Judiciary Committee will be holding hearings to investigate the fact that the highest levels of the Bush Administration sanctioned and ordered the torture of prisoners in United States custody.  This is intolerable and we must vigorously oppose this policy that demeans our nation and offends our conscience.

Please read the below transcript of my exchange with Mr. Muller.

This is a deeply troubling interchange which should be alarming to all Americans.

Congressman Robert Wexler

“A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq”

Hi Folks.

Thought you should see this.

It seems that the democrats attempting to win seats have different priorities that those who already have them, and so are more likely to say the right things. Now, whether they mean it is a wide open question, but, when you hear what you want, you should say, “That’s what I want to hear!”…So perhaps you should do that.

I did.

Frosted Flake

PS : Thanks.